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ThermoCool™ is a revolutionary new product that can dramatically increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system, resulting in lower power bills and significant savings on maintenance as well.


How Can ThermoCool™ Save Me Money?

Air conditioning and refrigeration units are the biggest 'energy guzzlers' in your home or business facility, and can account for over 70% of your electric bill, even when they're new and operating perfectly. After just a few years, these cooling systems start to rapidly lose their efficiency, costing you even more money. This reduction in efficiency is caused primarily by a phenomenon called Oil Migration and the buildup of other chemicals. ThermoCool™ reverses this process, renewing system integrity and increasing the efficiency and life of the system, which results in high dollar savings for you.

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  Real-Life Savings Stories From Our Customers
  • Village Market
    ThermoCool™ is an awesome product because it continues to exceed our expectations. I would highly recommend it to anyone who operates a business with refrigeration."
  • Casino Rouge
    “Our maintenance cost has dropped to almost zero. Both of our units run much quieter and smoother..."
  • Rockwell Management
    “We have seen a tremendous savings in all the bills paid (Complex of 361 Units

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